Thursday, 18 October 2012

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Sometimes something in your life makes you take note of what you have, and not to take it for granted. Im lucky, i realise what i have and i treasure it more than anything. 

Earlier this year i was invited by a colleague to tag along with one of his labour suppliers who was taking him to watch Manchester United versus Bolton Wanderers. The nice fella that kindly took us to the game was Nick Irlam, a talkative Mancunian who wears his heart on his sleeve. He told me about his son Tyler and the condition that the boy has, which is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He explained the condition briefly and the effect it has on mostly young men and how their  lives can be cut short. I decided then to try to raise money through the run i was about to do later in the year (The Wall Run, see relevent post). I raised over £600 with the limited time i had before the race. I want to do the same next year and raise as much money (hopefully more) as i can to help these young men and women and help the charity search for cures.

'Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a condition which causes muscle weakness. It starts in childhood and may be noticed when a child has difficulty standing up, climbing or running. It is a genetic condition and can be inherited. It usually affects only boys, although girls may carry the Duchenne gene. Boys/Girls with Duchenne's muscular dystrophy should have regular check-ups and physiotherapy from childhood, and are likely to need increasing help and treatments from about the age of nine years.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is a genetic condition which affects the muscles, causing muscle weakness. It is a serious condition which starts in early childhood. The muscle weakness is mainly in the 'proximal' muscles, which are those near the trunk of the body, around the hips and the shoulders. This means that fine movements, such as those using the hands and fingers, are less affected than movements like walking.

The muscle weakness is not noticeable at birth, even though the child is born with the gene which causes it. The weakness develops gradually. It usually shows up in early childhood. Symptoms are mild at first, but increase as the child gets older.'

The charitys website can be found at

So next year i am pushing the boundaries of my own endurance and taking part in the Lakeland 100, a 100 mile Ultramarathon starting and finishing in Coniston in the Lake District, UK. This is a premier UK event attracting many of the UKs and Europes best ultrarunners, the record for the event was set this year by Terry Conway who got round in an incredible 19 hours 50 minutes!!

'The Lakeland 100 'Ultra Tour of the Lake District' is the most spectacular long distance trail race which has ever taken place within the UK. The circular route encompasses the whole of the lakeland fells, includes in the region of 6300m of ascent and consists almost entirely of public bridleways and footpaths. The route starts in Coniston and heads South before completing a clockwise loop which takes in the Dunnerdale fells, Eskdale, Wasdale and Buttermere before arriving in Keswick. From here the route heads to Matterdale and continues over to Haweswater before returning via Kentmere, Ambleside and Elterwater to the finish at Coniston'

JustGiving Home

Please follow my Just Giving link at the top of the page and donate whatever you can spare to this vital cause,


Chris Tetlow

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